Midori MD Notebook Bag - Chita Cotton
Midori has taken its MD notebook style and quality concept into the perfect bag to keep smaller notebooks together. At 290 mm x 240 mm the Midori MD Notebook Bag Cotton is wide enough to fit an F3 notebook along...
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Midori MD Notebook Bag - Goat Leather - A5 - Horizontal
This durable and stylish notebook bag had got your Midori MD notebook covered. It is made from supple natural vegetable-tanned goat leather. The cover has not been dyed or coloured to keep the natural colour and texture of the leather....
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Lihit Lab Teffa Bag in Bag - A5 - Orange
Say goodbye to the mess in your bag! Organise and protect all the electronics and stationery you carry around with this handy bag in bag. The Lihit Lab Teffa Bag in Bag has compartments designed to fit all your office...
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King Jim Flatty Transparent Bag in Bag - Blue - Large Envelope
This flat bag in bag is a great idea to organize your little things such as notebook, pens, stationery, cell phone and so on. The bag is flat so it is convenient to put it in your shoulder bag or school bag. You...
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King Jim Seal Collection Book for Washi Tape - Green
Catalogue your washi tape with the King Jim washi tape collection book. The folder contains 28 pages with dotted lines to help with neat alignment. The colourful index tabs included can be used for labelling the pages. An elastic band...
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