Kokuyo Angle Set
Go back to school with Kokuyo’s Angle Set. These durable PET rulers come with their own plastic carry case and will fit in most pencil cases or slide easily into a folder pocket. The pack contains: A clear plastic protractor...
Raymay Study Mate Zero Edge Triangle Ruler Set
Raymay triangle ruler set are designed for drawing straight lines and measuring accurately. Zero edge design means that the length you draw will be even more accurate than regular rulers. Every 10 mm has one small arrow to mark it....
Kutsuwa Stad Ruler Set
The versatile Kutsuwa Stad Ruler Set offers rulers for most measuring and ruling needs.  It includes 5 rulers: a 16 cm ruler a 9 cm mini ruler a right-angle set-square measuring 7.0 x 12.0 cm a isosceles triangle set-square measuring 6.0...
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