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Akashiya Gansai Watercolor Palette - 24 Color Set -  - bunbougu.com.au

Akashiya Gansai Watercolor Palette - 24 Color Set


This product is no longer available on Bunbougu.com.au

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Akashiya, a company with centuries of history in making brush pens and Japanese watercolors. You may already know their Sai Watercolor brush set. Compared with Gansai palette by Kuretake, this watercolor palette is their edition of Gansai palette. With 24 choices of traditional Japanese watercolors, it is ideal for illustrations, sumi-e, and calligraphy. The paint is made entirely from materials that are safe and free of harmful materials like lead and chromium.

Color Instruction: Black (AP-02), Blue Green (AP-07), Chalk White (AP-01), Crimson (AP-21), Dark Green (AP-09), Dark Red (AP-20), Gold (AP-23), Green Grass (AP-11), Green Rust (AP-10), Indigo (AP-04), Light Blue Green (AP-13), Light Ultramarine Blue (AP-08), New Leaves (AP-12), Peony (AP-19), Purple (AP-03), Red Ochre (AP-18), Red Plum (AP-22), Silver (AP-24), Ultramarine Blue (AP-06), Vermilion (AP-17), Vivid Indigo (AP-05), Yellow (AP-15), Yellow Green (AP-14), and Yellow Ochre (AP-16).

Please follow the color instruction to use this palette.