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Finetec Coliro Watercolor - Pearl - 12 Color Set


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Finetec GmbH in Germany produces handmade Pearlcolors since 2005. Their secret to make the high quality watercolor is the use of mica, a natural mineral which gives the paint a lustrous sheen. It is lightfast and opaque. Perfect for creating special effects and highlights to your painting or calligraphy. Usable with brushes, water brushes. Also usable with dip pens when diluted and applied to the nib with a brush.

12 Pearlcolors & Shimmer Pearlcolors Ø 23 mm in a palette box. The set includes the following colors: Silver Pearl (Shimmer), Fine Gold  (Shimmer), Shining Pink  (Shimmer), Red, Fine Lilac  (Shimmer), Red Violet, Blue Pearl  (Shimmer), Blue Silver, Green Pearl  (Shimmer), Blue-Green, Bronze, and Red-Brown.