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Himekuri 2019 Calendar - Simplicity

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In the 2018 ISOT(International Stationery & Office Products Fair Tokyo), Himekuri won the “Functional Stationery Award”. Many Stationery Magazines also have given positive feedbacks.

“Himekuri“, which means “Everyday Calendar”. “Himekuri” is one of the most successful kick starter stationery in 2018. The money raised by the end of the project is 200% more than the goal. It was then sold out in most of the retailers within in just a month. More than 300 pieces were sold in a day during the “Girl’s Stationery Fair”.

What is is Himekuri?

Himekuri is a Desk Calendar. It not only brings the function of a normal desk calendar, but also lets you to peel off the date to call the end of 365 days. There are 52 different designs in total so you can use different designs for every week.

Himekuri can be used in various scenes that are related to dates. Just by using it in your pocket note or memo pads, you can easily change it to a schedule book or diary.  You can also use it on your bullet journal to start a page of journal. If you put it on the food containers, it will help you to make the best before date. Depending on the idea of people who use it, ways to use it are unlimited.

Simplicity Theme

The classic combination of gray and white allows you to write on both designs with a black pen.

Dimension: 5 cm x 21cm, each tag is 3.8 cm x 2.5 cm so it fits your notebook perfectly.