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Kokuyo Hakoake 2Way Scissors + Cutter - Titanium - Black - Scissors - bunbougu.com.au

Kokuyo Hakoake 2Way Scissors + Cutter - Titanium - Black


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These Kokuyo unboxing scissors add a built-in cutter function on a stickless scissors that makes it a handy tool to open boxs, snip tags, and cut tape. The blades are excellent for cutting tape as a special "glueless" treatment makes it harder for sticky material to adhere to the blades.

When you need to open boxes, transform the scissors into a cutter. Its blade protrudes only 1 mm so it won't cut too deeply into the package and damage the items inside. To use the cutter, squeeze the scissor handles together and push the slider on the side of the top handle forward. The top blade will move down and expose the tip of its cutting edge. The cutting edge will stay extended as long as you keep squeezing the handles together and you do not need to keeping holding the slider forward. You can use the small plastic finger rest on the top blade to help you press down comfortably when using the cutter. A safety cap comes with these scissors.

Dimensions: 177 x 72 mm

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Coralie S.

These are pretty nice scissors

These are pretty nice scissors, but aren't comfortable to hold. That's a deal breaker for me. Also, the handy-dandy little cutter thingie fell short of expectation. It's uncomfortable to hold and use, and the edge that pops out to cut is quite small and hard to align with where you want to make a cut. For better or worse, the quality is very high and these scissors will be in my drawer for a very long time.