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Kutsuwa Stad T'Gaal Pencil Sharpener - Pink - Pencil Sharpener - bunbougu.com.au

Kutsuwa Stad T'Gaal Pencil Sharpener - Pink


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The Kutsuwa Stad T'Gaal Pencil Sharpener features 5 - grade adjustable sharpening mechanism. For those of us who frequently use pencils, the shape of the tip becomes very important. You need a blunt tip colored pencil for color filling and need a fine tip black pencil for lines and details. The Stad T'gaal Adjustable Sharpener can do all these in only one sharpener. The number one will put a short, blunt point on your pencil, whereas the number five setting puts a long-point fine tip.

We recommend that the number 3 - 4 are best suited to pencils ranging from 2B - 6B whilst the number 5 setting gives the best results with HB or harder pencils. Settings 1-2 are best for colored pencils or very soft graphite lead pencils, or for pencils to be used by children, where you don't want the tip to be too sharp. 

The sharpener adjustment dial also features a close function to keep all those sharpenings safely sealed inside the sharpener.