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Mark's EDiT Daily Planner 2019 - Paul & Joe La Papeterie Limited Edition - A5 - Notebook - bunbougu.com.au

Mark's EDiT Daily Planner 2019 - Paul & Joe La Papeterie Limited Edition - A5

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Famous Japanese stationery brand, Mark's, has been committed to creating well-designed, high-quality stationery products since 1995. The EDiT is their most well-known series for providing high-end planners.

You can use this versatile one-page-per-day planner for journaling as well as for daily scheduling. Its dotted line page is perfect for making your schedule, writing notes, and sketching. This planner comes with an Italian-made faux leather cover with a silver zipper. 

Paris’ popular fashion brand, “PAUL & JOE”. The collection, which was born from the creative director, Sophie Mechaly’s daily life, has a distinctive view created by sophisticated sensibility and romanticism. It is producing a lot of reactions around the world. “PAUL & JOE La Papeterie” was born in Autumn of year 2016 as a stationery collection of PAUL & JOE.

Planner features:

  • Quality paper that is suitable for fountain pens and a wide variety of other writing instruments.
  • One-page-per-day format ranging from January through December. Each page features a lined sheet style in which each line is made up of unconnected dots for both organized and freeform notes. The hours from 6:00 to 21:00 are labeled on the left. The remaining lines can be used to schedule the rest of the 24 hours, or to make notes about the day. Checkboxes at the bottom of each page let you keep track of to-dos.
  • Two-page spread at the beginning of each month for general notes about the month, including an expense list.
  • Monthly calendars for October 2018 through January 2020 at the front of the planner. Each month follows a Monday-start format and gets a two-page spread, giving you enough space to note your most important reminders for each day. An extra column on the left side indicates the week number and gives you space to write weekly to-dos.
  • Additional sections, including a world time chart, yearly schedules, international transit maps, and a list of international holidays.
  • 13 extra dotted-line pages after the daily planner pages for further notes.
  • Two ribbon page markers.
  • One sheet of transparent designer sticker.

Cover features:

  • Semi-glossy faux leather with a lightly cushioned feel. Made of polyurethane.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Card pocket and vertical slot for extra loose paper.
  • Smooth zipper.
  • Lucky horseshoe emblem.
  • Pen loop.

Body size: 225 mm × 175 mm × 20 mm 
Weight: 410 g