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Masté Masking tape - Baby Panda - 15 mm - Washi Tape - bunbougu.com.au

Masté Masking tape - Baby Panda - 15 mm


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Made with Japanese washi paper, "Masté" goes on clean with no curling or bubbles. It’s sticky enough to stick to almost anything, but still gentle to be removed without a sticky mess! With over 100 unique designs not available at your local craft store, endless possibilities are at your fingertips. 

The "Masté" Washi Tape sticks well to almost anything you know, and it’s easy to remove without any trace. It is great for interior decorations, crafts, and labels.

Masté Masking tape

Whether customizing your diary or your daily planner, "Masté" Washi Tape is perfect for making that special something truly your own. And because it’s so easy to work with, you can create a clean-cut look with scissors or simply tear it with your fingertips. Unwind your creativity with "Masté" Washi Tape!

Masté Masking tape