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Mt Masking Washi Tape Customized Mini Set - Dot N Grid - Washi Tape - bunbougu.com.au

Mt Masking Washi Tape Customized Mini Set - Dot N Grid


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This mini set contains 4 different MT washi tapes from MT kid series. Each style has a length of 1 m. This is perfect for the starter that you can get a bit taste of every style. The special designed board can be reused later and easy to be putted into pocket or pencil case, which takes much less space than regular washi tapes.

MT washi masking tapes are perfect for decorating your scrapbooks, gift cards, calendars and journals. They feature a variety of cute and stylish patterns and quality Japanese paper (washi paper). The tape is removable so that you can easily stick it on, unpeel it, and then reuse it to another place. Use scissors to cut it cleanly or use your hands to tear it.

MT tapes are produced by a specialized Japanese manufacturer named Kamoi Kakoshi  who manufacture masking tapes used in a variety of applications including industrial and decorative.