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Ohto No-noc Mechanical Pencil - Metallic Black -  0.5 mm - Mechanical Pencil - bunbougu.com.au

Ohto No-noc Mechanical Pencil - Metallic Black - 0.5 mm


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The Ohto "No-noc" auto-feed mechanical pencil has an eye-catching design on its appearance. The metal barrel is narrow in the middle, widening out to each end. A shinny metal clip and push-button finish one end, while the tip part is finished in matt black.

The word "No-noc" stands for "no knock" that means the mechanical pencil's lead can be fed automatically. You can still use the push-button to extend the lead, but once the tip is extended, you don't need to use it again. When the lead becomes too short, the smooth plastic that surrounds the lead moves back slightly as it touches the paper, and springs back into place, pulling more lead out with it, so you can just keep writing without interruption, and the lead keeps feeding.