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Plus Petit Deco Rush Decoration Tape - Check - 6 mm - Decoration Tape - bunbougu.com.au

Plus Petit Deco Rush Decoration Tape - Check - 6 mm


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The Petit Deco Rush series includes regular decoration tape and wide decoration tape that are able to suit different scenes. The regular decoration tape has a width of 6mm/4.2mm and a length of 3m. There are more than 30 different styles for you to choose from.

Each style has a unique function. They are divided into different series, such as events, lift, icons, weathers etc.

The cap can protect the tape from damage and dirt. The body are designed according to the shape of hands and can be easily hold and used. There is also special deco rush eraser that can help you to rub off the tape easily when there is a mistake.

This tape can be used as decorations, notices, marks etc. It leads to not only a more efficient life but also a lift with more fun.