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Tombow Mono Note Extra Fine Correction Tape - Black - Correction Tape - bunbougu.com.au

Tombow Mono Note Extra Fine Correction Tape - Black - 2.5 mm x 4 m


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The correction tape with extra-thin tape corrects also fine details like single letters, numbers or lines. The transparent tip allows for an especially exact application. No drying time - can be written over instantly and cleanly. Due to the „Tombow Coating Technology" even cleaner re-writing is possible. Tear-proof tape (PET) - can be dispensed down to the last millimetre. Extraordinary coverage, no copy or fax shadows. Due to the compact size the MONO note sits comfortably in the hand and fits easily also into full pencil cases and small pockets. Convenient correcting due to lateral dispensing technology. Tip is fully retractable to be protected from dust and dirt. Tape: 2,5 mm x 4 m.