Our story begins in 2016 with two co-founders, Freddy and Andreas who both love stationery and design. After a trip to Japan, we brought back some Japanese stationery, and we found it is very hard to find these amazing products in Australia. So we decide to start a venture to share our love of stationery with the stationery lovers just like us.

We start carefully selecting quality Japanese stationery and sourcing them from Japan. Bunbougu means ‘Stationery’ in Japanese. We decide to use it as our name to show the passion on Japanese stationery.

When it begins, all our stock is stored in a small drawer. It grew step by step to a bookshelf and then to a garage. We believe that without our supporters and local customers, the small drawer is not possible to grow into today’s warehouse in Brunswick. Nowadays we have become an Australian leading online stationery store. We proudly stock 5000+ unique products from Japanese and European brands.


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Brunswick VIC 3056

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