Sticker Sheet 1:

Free Bujo Daily Sticker Set - November

 Sticker Sheet 2:

Free Bujo Daily Sticker Set - November

One free set of Bunbougu Bujo Daily Sticker Set for November will be added to your order automatically. This sticker set includes 2 sheets of daily stickers. No minimum order value required.

Please note that as the quantity of the sticker sets is limited, every order will come with only 1 set. We will not restock once they are used up .


  • 30 stickers with 30 different design by artist, date from 1st November to 30th November.
  • Made from Washi paper with special ink formula.
  • Semi-transparent texture and die-cut along with shapes.

Here is an instruction below about how to use these cute stickers. Please tell us how you use these stickers by tagging us @bunbougu_au on Instagram. 


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