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Midori Grain Notepad - Ruled and Plain - Dark Brown - B6 - Notebook - bunbougu.com.au

Midori Grain Notepad - Ruled and Plain - Dark Brown - B6


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A collaboration between Spain and Japan creates the Midori Grain memo pad. The leather cover is recycled leather which is sourced and crafted workshops in Spain, and completed with fine Japanese paper in Japan. The cowhide fibers express rich color and special texture, and the covers are rub-resistant and colorfast.

There are two types of paper in the B6 Notepad: 100 sheets of ruled white paper, and 100 sheets of plain cream-colored paper. In the ruled section, four sections are divided by a bold line, which gives it a flexible layout. 

The twin ring binding keeps your memo pad flat when you are writing on it. A brown elastic band holds the entire memo book securely when you put it in your bag or pocket. It also features rounded corners design to avoid scratching.