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Pilot Kakuno Smiley Face Fountain Pen - Fine Nib

Pilot Kakuno Smiley Face Fountain Pen - Fine Nib


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  • Description

Pilot Kakuno fountain Pen is a simple and cute fountain pen designed for beginners. The clean pen body, stainless and iridium nib, and cute smiley face decoration on its nib are all perfect for people to fall in love with the fountain pen culture.


  • Cute smiley face on the nib ensures you keep correct nib orientation.
  • Pastel color cap and pen body.
  • Hexagonal cap and body design keep them from rolling away.
  • Triangular grip shape that helps fingers naturally sit in the correct position.
  • Comes with 1 black ink cartridge and compatible with Pilot converter.

They are compatible with Pilot IRF-5S Ink Cartridges and Pilot IRF-12S Ink Cartridges.