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Tombow Mono One Eraser - Blue

Tombow Mono One Eraser - Blue


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Tombow is one of the biggest eraser producer on the market. Mono series provides the best quality erasers that tombow have ever produced.

With the one holder eraser size, it is easy to hold during writing. It can allow a non-stop flow of working and leads to a better work experience. The eraser is designed to have a better power for removing mistakes and extra strength to avoid breakage. The eraser has a diameter of 6.7 mm, which is ideal for minor mistakes.

It is possible to finely adjust the appearance of the eraser, and it reduces breakage caused by overknotting that usually occurs during rotating. Because it is operated at the front, it can be easily extended with one hand. It also features a special design at the end of the body to avoid the rolling of eraser on the table.

For eraser refills, please go to Tombow Mono One Eraser Refill - Pack of 2.