Bullet Journal Ideas - How To Use Washi Sticker Paper In Your Bullet Journal

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We have so many choices on colourful washi tapes when it comes to journaling. However, instead of using washi tapes, you can DIY your own washi stickers by using washi sticker paper.

Washi sticker paper is similar to washi tape but it’s a sheet of sticky paper with a layer of release paper on the back, which you unpeel before sticking the paper on. It’s great for cutting out shapes. You can print images and text onto it. 


How To Use Washi Sticker Paper In Your Bullet Journal

Before printing onto washi sticker paper, you need to check that the type that you’re using is suitable for your printer. Sticker paper is only compatible with laser printers and a few different types of inkjet printers, so make sure you’re choosing the right type of printers before you buy it. 

The washi sticker paper has a white edge, so you need to cut images out as carefully as possible. That way, you won’t end up with a white border around your pictures.  

Washi paper is slightly translucent like sulphuric acid paper and washi tape. But it gives a slightly different look than they do.  

How To Use Japanese Washi Paper In Your Bullet Journal


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