Pen Review — Zebra Mackee Care Double-Sided Refillable Marker


When deciding on a product to test, it was the vibrant and playful visual design of the Zebra Mckee Care markers that first drew me to them. 

They are double-sided with a 0.5 mm fine needle-point tip on one end and a 1.0 mm medium bullet tip on the other. The ink is designed to write on a variety of surfaces including paper, fabric, glass, plastic, and metal. These features should make the markers incredibly versatile, so I was keen to test them and see how they performed. 

Zebra Mackee Care Double-Sided Refillable Marker

The pens looked cute and colourful lined up in their transparent plastic box. I was struck by the brightness of the body colours and hoped that the ink colours would be just as vibrant. I discovered they are vibrant indeed.

Zebra Mackee Care Double-Sided Refillable Marker

The inks are a vivid, classic shade of each colour. They are clear and saturated on paper but show up even better on non-porous surfaces, where the intensity of the colour is really brought out. 

Zebra Mackee Care Double-Sided Refillable Marker

I tested the Mckee Cares on four non-absorbent surfaces: a powder-coated stainless steel water bottle, a polypropylene lunch box holder, a tupperware container, and a glass jar. They performed brilliantly on all four surfaces. The ink dried quickly, didn’t smudge and retained the vibrancy of its colour once it was dry. 

These markers feel smooth to write with. The ink flows well and fast and produces a clear sharp line. The only slightly unappealing thing about the ink is that being oil- and alcohol-based, it’s a bit smelly. So the Mackee Cares are best used in well-aerated spaces. 

Zebra Mackee Care Double-Sided Refillable Marker

Double-sidedness is another excellent feature. It makes it easy to shift between medium and fine lines. Also, it gives you 24 pens that only take up the space of 12 in your pencil case. 

Zebra Mackee Care Double-Sided Refillable Marker

The Mckee Care markers definitely get my stamp of approval. The colours are beautiful and bright; the double-sided tip feature is really useful; the ink is versatile, and they are visually appealing. They work especially well for writing and drawing on non-porous surfaces. 

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