Mobius + Ruppert (M+R) Brass Pencil Sharpener for 2.0 mm/3.2 mm Lead Holder - Double Hole 1 review
The M+R brass wedge-shaped lead holder sharpener is designed in a solid industrial style. The knurled bands around the sharpener provide good control when twisting. It is specially designed for sharpening 2.0 mm and 3.2 mm pencil leads. The blade also features...
Mobius + Ruppert (M+R) Pencil Sharpener for 2 mm Pencil Lead 1 review
M+R Sharpener for Mechanical Pencils sharpens and shapes the tip of 2 mm pencil leads. The body is made of high impact polystyrene and includes a waste catcher. The blade also features anti-corrosion protection to ensure a long life expectancy.
Uni 2 mm Pencil Lead Sharpener 3 reviews
This clever pencil lead sharpener from Uni will sharpen any 2mm lead holder lead. Just insert the lead into the 2.0 hole and rotate the sharpener around the axis of the lead. Dispose of the lead shavings by opening the...
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