Akashiya Sai Watercolor Mini Palette - 7 Compartments 1 review
Akashiya Sai watercolour mini palette is ideal for use with waterbrush pen. The plastic palette is portable and easy to clean.
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Finetec Coliro Watercolor Metal Palette - 24 Colours
This fine metal watercolour palette is made by the Finetec manufacturer Finetec GmbH. You can use this to hold up to 24 of the watercolour pans and keep them safe and organized. The Metal box's lid features a variety of...
Sakura Watercolor Palette - 7 Compartments
Sakura watercolour palette is ideal for mixing watercolours with waterbrush pen. The plastic surface is easy to clean. There are 1 large compartment in the middle and 6 compartments around it.  Dimensions: 176 mm in diameter.
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