Bullet Journal Ideas - 3 Ideas For Using Sulfuric Acid Paper


Sulfuric acid paper is an attractive translucent paper. Its translucence lets it reveal a hint of what’s underneath and to show background colour. You can use this paper as printing paper, but it’s also great for drawing onto directly.

Here are some ways you can use sulfuric acid paper.

1. Inside Your Bullet Journal

Use sulfuric acid for creating layered collages in your bullet journal. The translucency allows you to see small glimpses of the layers underneath and suits the creation of complex images.

3 Ideas For Using Sulfuric Acid Paper

 2. Writing and Drawing

When you feel like giving your printer a rest and doing some illustrating and writing by hand, you can draw and write on sulfuric acid paper.

3. Storing Craft Materials

Use sulfuric acid paper to wrap and store craft materials such as sticker flakes and collage material. The translucent texture of the paper will reveal the contents of the package. This will make the packages attractive to look at, and the contents will be easy to find.

3 Ideas For Using Sulfuric Acid Paper


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