Bullet Journal Ideas - 3 Uses For Sticky Note Paper

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There is always so much to remember when you have a busy work and study schedule and vibrant social life!  Sticky notes are a useful way to remind yourself of things you need to do each day.

I like my sticky note pad to be a simple one with a lot of space for writing in important reminders. The sticky note pads made by Kurashiki and Daiso work well for me. They are well designed and good value for money.

Keep your sticky notes once you’re finished with them. You can use them for many different purposes. Here are three ideas you could try.

1. Journaling

At the end of each day, paste your sticky notes it into your bullet journal to keep a record of what you’ve done that day.

3 Uses For Sticky Note Paper


2. Bullet journal background

3 Uses For Sticky Note Paper

You can use the gridded sticky notes as background material for collages in your BuJo. The checkered lines will bring a stylish retro element to your designs.


You can also make attractive bookmarks out of sticky notes. The grid lines will lend the bookmarks an understated chic.

3 Uses For Sticky Note Paper

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