Bullet Journaling for Beginngers - How to Choose a Planner That Suits You


how to choose the planner that suits you

Vertical Planner

    The vertical planner has one line per hour, making you easily track the progress of the whole day in details. It usually has extra space at the bottom to let you write down your daily highlights or make a mini to-do list. Changing it to a work log, you can figure out which part you waste your time most to make your work more efficient. You can also use it as a travel log when you are travelling. To make a travel plan or to record your experience.

    1 Day 1 Page Planner

    You will have a whole page for one day without any template. You can create different themes and layouts. Ideal for people who can spend more time on decorating and writing freely. It can be changed to a work log, fitness tracker, or a travel log by using different layouts as you need. Space is sufficient for people who like decorating or drawing on their journals.

    Monthly Planner

    Suitable for people who make their schedule based on month. It can be filled easily even without too much time on taking notes. 

    You can map out specific events as well as create a to-do list over the course of the month. Additionally, it can also serve highlights that happened during a month. 

    Weekly Planner

    If you feel monthly planner is not enough for you but vertical planner has too much space that you can fill. Weekly is the best for you. You will have a clear view for every week. Ideal for setting your weekly schedule or the progress of your work on a weekly basis.

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