Pen Review — Zebra Justfit Mojini Line Highlighter

Zebra Justfit Mojini Line Highlighter

From the outset, these highlighters look more appealing than the standard chunky highlighters that come in lurid colours. The design is slimline and the white body with coloured accents on the cap is much more stylish than the classic chunky, fluoro-coloured highlighter design. Their slim design makes them easier to hold and also more pencil-case-friendly — you could replace two chunky highlighters in your pencil case with all five of these.

Zebra Justfit Mojini Line Highlighter


The tip design of these pens works really well too. The tips are made of flexible felt which lends a smoothness to their movement across the page.  

I find the colours of these highlighters really appealing too. They’re still bright as you’d expect from a highlighter, but not in that intense, fluorescent, eyeball-gouging way of traditional highlighters. They’re a likeable bright, not a horrible bright.

And, unlike traditional highlighters, they don’t smell funny, which will make them pleasant to use in small study spaces. 

But the real selling point of these is that they’re designed to be smear-resistant. I tested them with 8 different randomly-selected pens, and there was no smudging at all with any of them except for two. 

Zebra Justfit Mojini Line Highlighter


There was some very minor smudging when I used them in combination with a Pilot Juice Up and the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica, but nowhere near as significant as you’d expect from most highlighters. 

Zebra Justfit Mojini Line Highlighter

So, my overall verdict is that these highlighters are well-designed, stylish and effective, and they mostly deliver on their promise of smear-resistance. 

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