Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Brush Pen - Fine Bullet Tip/Brush Tip 26 reviews
In their newest innovation, Zebra combines the unique pastel colours of the popular highlighter pens with the versatility of a brush pen. The Mildliner Brush pens are double-sided, with a firm brush on one end and a fine bullet tip...
Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighter - 2022 New Colours - Individual Pens 11 reviews
If you need to purchase the whole 10 colours, please check Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighter - 2022 New Colours - 10 Colour Bundle. 10 new colours from Zebra Mildliner features 2 themes, Gentle colours and Neutral colours. It brings the Mildliner highlighter range...
Uni-ball One Gel Pen - 0.38 mm 16 reviews
The Uni-ball one applies the newly developed "Uni-ball One" ink. The pigment in "Uni-ball One" ink minimizes the penetration of the ink into paper fibre. As a result, it develops original colours on paper, showing a darker black than an...
Pentel EnerGel Clena Gel Pen - 0.4 mm - Black Ink 27 reviews
Pentel redesigned their famous EnerGel Deluxe RTX pen in a pastel theme. The combination of soft-coloured strips (in four colour options) on a creamy colour background gives a charming look to a practical needle-point gel pen. Pentel EnerGel combines needle-point...
Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Pen - 1.0 mm 21 reviews
Enjoy a delightfully smooth and bold writing experience with these Uni-ball Signo UM-153 Broad gel pens. With the archival-quality ink, the performance of the pen is perfect on both light and dark coloured paper. The ink is also resistant to water...
Zebra Sarasa Nano Gel Pen - Vivid & Vintage Colours - 0.3 mm 8 reviews
The Sarasa Nano is the newest 0.3 mm gel pen series from the Zebra Sarasa collection. The Nano gel pen is aimed at creating an ultra-fine gel pen without any compromise on the smoothness of writing. Similar to Zebra Blen Ballpoint Pen, it...
Pentel EnerGel Clena Gel Pen - 0.3 mm - Black Ink 8 reviews
Pentel redesigns their famous EnerGel Deluxe RTX pen on a pastel theme. With four different soft colour of strips adding on a creamy colour background, the blend gives a charming look on a practical needle point gel pen. Pentel EnerGel...
Pentel EnerGel Infree Gel Pen - 0.5 mm 17 reviews
The Pentel EnerGel Infree gel pen applies fast-drying, smooth ink formula that allows you to unleash your creativity and inspiration freely. It is also ideal for left-handers as of the fast-drying feature. The Energel infree gel pens express in crisp and dark...
Kuretake Zig Cocoiro Letter Pen Refill - Extra Fine Brush 7 reviews
The Kuretake Zig Cocoiro Letter Pen refill features a hard but flexible brush style tip. You can create plenty of line variation with varied pressure. Make your own style of letter pen by combining refills with up to 16 colours pen body. Compatible Body:...
Uni Mitsubishi Lead Holder Refill - 2 mm 8 reviews
These leads are compatible with 2 mm Uni Mitsubishi lead holders. Each piece of lead is 130 mm in length and is fitted with a rubber stopper at the end. (The rubber stopper must be removed if the lead is...
Shachihata Iromoyo Ink Pad 7 reviews
Shachihahta Iromoyo ink pad applies oil-based pigment ink with the innovative "Nanotechnology". It not only produces a sharper, brighter colour than that of other ink pads but also reduces drying time to approximate 3 seconds. The pigment ink is water resistant...
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Zebra Kirarich Glitter Highlighter - 5 Sparkling Color Set 11 reviews
Zebra Kirarich Glitter Highlighter set can add sparkling colors into your bullet journal, calendars or notes. Every highlighter applies water-based pigment lamé ink with silver and pulverized glass in its body. This set contains 5 colors: Purple, Pink, Yellow, Green,...
Pentel Graph Gear 1000 for Pro Mechanical Drafting Pencil 6 reviews
The Pentel Graph 1000 is a premier mechanical pencil designed for drafting professionals. Its long, slim sleeve gives it precision when running along the edge of rulers and templates and allows you a view of what you’re drawing. An all-brass...
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Sakura Ballsign iD Plus Gel Pen - Limited Edition - Off Black Ink Colour - 0.5 mm 4 reviews
The Limited Edition gel pen from Sakura features a new white barrel that includes 4 new off-black inks, Mocha Black, Cassis Black, Mysterious Black, and Pencil Black. The Sakura Ballsign iD Plus gel pen features smooth, fast-drying ink with vivid colours. The pen...
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Kokuyo Campus Smart Ring Binder Notebook - 26 Rings - 60 Sheets Capacity - Clear - B5 5 reviews
Kokuyo Campus Smart Ring binder notebook features a light and slim body. As a binder, the ring can be opened and add extra sheets of 26-ring loose leaf paper. It can hold up to 60 sheets. The cover of the...
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Limited Edition
Uni-ball One F Gel Pen - Faded Coloured Barrel Series 2 - Black Ink - 0.38 mm/0.5 mm 4 reviews
The Uni-ball One Faded Colours gel pens feature a series of relaxing coloured barrels and dark, smooth Uni-ball One black ink, offering a pleasant daily writing experience. The beautiful matte-finish barrel is coloured in traditional Japanese colours with faded hues. The metal...
Maruman Easy to Write Loose Leaf Paper - 5 Colour Assortment - 26 Holes/60 Sheets - 6 mm Rule - B5 2 reviews
These quality lined sheets come in five different soft colours. Ideal for colour-coding notes and subjects. The paper resists bleedthrough and feathering, which is suitable for a variety of writing instruments. The sheets are hole-punched with 26 holes. They are compatible...
Zebra DelGuard Type-ER Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm 7 reviews
The Type-ER DelGuard’s eraser system features impressive engineering. It extends from the top cap automatically when the pencil is turned upside down. The eraser locks into place while in use, then retracts into the cap when the pencil is turned...
Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib Holder - Model 40 7 reviews
Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib Holder features special double rubber rings at the tip; the smaller ring is compatible with smaller round nibs and the larger ring is compatible with regular nibs. The rubber ring holds the nibs tightly when drawing....
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Uni Propus Window Double-Sided Highlighter - 5 Light Colour Set 2 reviews
The Uni Propus Window Color Double-Sided Highlighters offer a truly unique design element. Their broad (4 mm) tips have a transparent window that allows you to see what you’re highlighting. They also feature a fine (0.6 mm) tip for highlighting small...
Maruman Mnemosyne N181 Imagination Notebook - Plain - A4
Maruman is famous for its high-quality Japanese paper. Their paper products are made in Japan and very friendly to all types of pens, especially for fountain pens. There will be no shading, feathering and bleeding when you use your fountain pens on...
Lihit Lab Teffa Bag in Bag - A4 - Black 5 reviews
This Lihit Lab bag in bag can keep all your daily essentials in one organized place.  The front of the bag has seven sections: three pen pockets, two pocket with  Velcro closures, the smaller pocket for a cell phone, portable charger,...
Pilot FriXion Colours Erasable Marker - 12 Colour Set 3 reviews
Pilot Frixion erasable markers use the magical Frixion erasable ink (thermo-sensitive ink). Frixion ink allows for quick and easy changes when you make a mistake or want to create a negative space effect. Just wait for the ink to dry...
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Midori Paintable Rotating Stamp - 10 Designs - Cat 1 review
Midori Paintable stamp can change up to 10 different patterns or texts by simply rotating. Just press it and easily decorate your notes or diary. It can be pressed about 2000 times with the included ink in its ink pad. It...
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Leuchtturm1917 Medium Hardcover Notebook - Dotted - Pacific Green - A5 1 review
The Leuchtturm1917 medium hardcover notebook has 80 g/m² paper and 249 numbered pages in A5 (14.5 x 21cm) size. The size and range of colours make them ideal companions for your daily life.  Features: 251 numbered pages 8 perforated and detachable sheets Dotted sheet style Lay-flat sewn binding Ink-proof paper that resists feathering and bleed-through from water-based ink rollerball pens and fountain...
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Maruman Mnemosyne N197 Today's Act Notebook - Special Rule - A6 4 reviews
This Maruman Mnemosyne A6 notebook is designed for people who has a long to-do list. It features two columns of tick boxes for numbering tasks and checking them off. A plain page on the back of each sheet offers you an unlimited...
Limited Edition New
Zebra DelGuard Limited Edition Mechanical Pencil - Zodiac Constellation - 0.5 mm
The Zebra DelGuard series just released the new Zodiac Constellation limited editions. Each pencil barrel features a gradient colour with 2 Zodiac Constellation patterns. Gradient Pink has Libra and Scorpio patterns Gradient Red has Gemini and Cancer patterns Gradient Purple has Aries...
Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pen - 3.0 mm 1 review
The Pilot Parallel Pen features a nib with two parallel plates. It is the key point for writers to create sharper lines than existing calligraphy pens. Ideal for flat pen calligraphy. You can also use two Parallel pens to create blended...
Staedtler 925-35 Drafting Mechanical Pencil - All Black - 0.5 mm 1 review
The Staedtler 925-35 all-black version features a whole new matte black body with a glossy black Staedtler logo on it.  Germany designed mechanical pencil is famous for its quality. Every detail is well-designed to give a better drawing experience. The grip provides...
King Jim Kitta File - 24 Slots - Swan 1 review
Organise your King Jim Kitta stickers and washi tapes with this stylish file book. It comes with 24 slots which fit every Kitta perfectly. There is an additional pocket inside the back cover for one more Kitta or any other item in similar size. The smart design of...
Limited Edition New
Uni Kuru Toga Switch Alpha Gel Mechanical Pencil Set - Pale Colour Limited Edition - 0.5 mm
4 New Pale Colour limited editions are released from Kuru Toga Switch Alpha series. The limited edition sets come in 4 new body colours, Pale Orange (0.3 mm), Pale Blue (0.3 mm), Pale Grey (0.5 mm) and Pale Purple (0.5 mm). Each set includes a...
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Lihit Lab Teffa Pen Case - Book Style - Navy 2 reviews
The Lihit Lab book style pen case can be unzipped all the way around and be opened just like a book. There are four 'pages' in this pencil case for holding multiple writing instruments and stationery. The first 'page' features...
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Stalogy Editor's Series 365 Days Notebook - 5 mm Grid - Yellow - B6
Stalogy Editor’s Series 365 Days notebook is designed for people who use their notebook for noting down ideas, designs, and sketches rather than just listing appointments. It is used by writers, designers, engineers, and architects and is also popular in...
Pentel Hybrid Dual Metallic Gel Pen - 10 Colour Set B - 1.0 mm 2 reviews
The Pentel Hybrid Dual Metallic gel pen features an innovative gel ink that mix coloured ink with different coloured metallic sparkles. The magical ink creates 2 different shades if you use them on light and dark paper. It also keeps...
Limited Edition
King Jim Kitta Washi Masking Tape - Limited Edition - Rosette
The Limited Edition Kitta washi tape stickers launched 4 different designs which are partly hot-stamped. They feature eye-catching shiny effects under the light. King Jim Kitta washi masking tape includes 4 designs, every design in 10 sheets.  It is easy to carry around as it...
Sakura Gelly Roll Classic Gel Pen - 10 Classic Colour Set - 0.6 mm 2 reviews
Sakura Gelly Roll Classic series features basic 10 colours. The pen is a fine point with a line width of 0.6 mm. Ideal for artwork, card-making and bullet journaling. This set contains 10 colours: Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Green, Orange, Purple, Red,...
Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen - Teal Green - Fine Nib 3 reviews
The Platinum Plaisir fountain pen applies the classic Preppy fountain pen nib on a lightweight aluminum body. The pen's cap also features Platinum's patented "Slip and Seal" design that keeps the nib from drying out for a year or longer without use. Each fountain...
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Copic Multiliner Pen B-2 Pen Set - 9 Pen Set 1 review
The Copic Multiliners pen applies the finest quality waterproof ink. The pigment-based ink will not bleed or smear when used with Copic Markers.  This 9 pen set includes: 1 x Black 0.03 Multiliner 1 x Black 0.05 Multiliner 1 x...
Sailor Shikiori Four Season Fountain Pen - Meigetsu (Autumn Moon) - 14k Gold - Medium Fine Nib 2 reviews
The Sailor Four Season Shiki-Oriori range features a gold-plated trim ring and clip and 14K gold nib in medium-fine size. The cap screws are open and close to prevent the ink from drying. The body is made from resin with a...
Pentel Graph 1000 Mechanical Pencil - Limited Edition - Gradient Colour - 0.5 mm
The Pentel Graph 1000 limited edition pencil features a lightweight yet sturdy body with a gradient colour design. Its body is specially weighted to bring its centre of gravity close to the writing tip. The tip part has a long,...
Zebra Comic Pen Nib - G Pen Pro - Titanium - Pack of 10 1 review
The Zebra comic pen nibs are handcrafted by Zebra specifically for comic and manga drawing. They are designed to fit wooden holders available from Zebra to create a traditional-style dip pen. The different nib sizes draw in different line widths...
Limited Edition New
Kokuyo x Tombow Soft Ring Notebook - Terrazzo Limited Edition - Dotted 6 mm Rule - Green - Semi B5
Inspired by the unique texture of Terrazzo stone, the new limited edition Soft Ring Notebooks are from the new collaboration of Kokuyo and Tombow. This collaboration will release gel pens, mechanical pencils, and more this year. The soft ring notebook features a soft ring...
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Delfonics Inner Carrying Bags - Black - Medium
The Delfonics inner carrying bag features a cotton fabric exterior with multiple outer and inner pockets. With 15 pockets in total, you can keep your personal belongings separate and carry them in an organised way. At the front of the bag, there...
Pilot Ballistic Zest Pen Case - Roll Type - Navy
The Pilot Ballistic Zest pen case features a roll type case that rolls up all your favourite pens in a convenient and stylish way. The pen case has 5 pen slots inside and a zipper pocket outside. As all 5...
Mind Wave Clear Masking Tape - Twilight Cloud - 30 mm x 3 m
Made of glossy PET material, the Mind Wave PET masking tape features a highly transparent appearance. You can have fun by layering different patterns of tapes. It is also suitable for adding a background to your planner by simply layering tape...
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Leuchtturm1917 Medium Hardcover Notebook - Smooth Colour - Dotted - Vanilla - A5 2 reviews
The Leuchtturm1917 medium hardcover notebook has 80 g/m² paper and 249 numbered pages in A5 (14.5 x 21cm) size. The size and range of colours make them ideal companions for your daily life.  Features: 251 numbered pages 8 perforated and detachable sheets Dotted sheet style Lay-flat sewn binding Ink-proof paper that resists feathering and bleed-through from water-based ink rollerball pens and fountain...
Pentel Dual Metallic Brush Pen - 8 Colour Set 2 reviews
The new Pentel Metallic brush pen features a special ink formula with metallic sparkles, adding shimmering effects in a variety of vivid colours. The special ink formula will show 2 different colours, depending on the colour of the paper and...
Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen - Black
The award-winning Lamy 2000 is Lamy's flagship fountain pen. This pen features a smooth sleek black Makrolon fibreglass body that tapers seamlessly down to the 14k gold nib. Four small discrete windows circle the pen body and provide an indication...

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